Snoezelen Program

Our Snoezelen Program enhances our residents lives by giving them a place to submerse themselves in an environment that is soothing and relaxing and yet stimulating. The stress free room provides stimulating smells that promotes increased appetite and brings back memories of baking bread, cookies and popcorn. The residents can enjoy the pet friendly environment watching the canaries (Gabbie & Blue), the fish or visiting with Reese our in-house therapy dog which knows tons of tricks. Residents with Alzheimer's and other types of dementia really benefit from the use of the program.

Dementia Possible Care

This is a program specifically designed to meet the changing needs of our resident population with dementia diagnoses. This program incorporates the activity, activities of daily living, social, cognitive and ambulation preferences, changes and challenges based on the residents progression through the disease process. Facilitates facility wide employee participation.

Memory Enhancement Training

While there is no cure today for Alzheimer’s or Dementia related disorders, research is continually being conducted to find ways to extend the quality of life for those with the long term debilitating disease. Memory enhancement training with a focus on conditioning the long term memory can assist the resident with daily tasks requiring recall, repetition and naming.

Our professionals have been highly trained to provide compassionate care for the unique needs of our residents. Programming provides emotional and therapeutic activities to maintain the remaining strengths and abilities of each resident. Special emphasis is placed on recognizing individuality and contributing to the resident's self worth.